More communication is never a bad thing

Earlier this week we set up a lunch & learn with our Philadelphia office. Usually lunch & learns are reserved for new learnings or presentations by functional leaders or contractors on a project. In this case the lunch & learn had no special topic - just a rehash of some of the themes at Context over the past few months, and an excuse to break bread together. It was casual and fun, some questions, and good practice for me to present some of our recent insights.

Today I did something similar with email. There was no special news or organizational announcement to share. I summarized a few conversations I’d had this past week about Context with some potential partners, and offered a window into a strategic opportunity I’ve been wrestling with in my head. Honestly I didn’t anyone would be too interested.

Several members of the team replied with warm emails - ‘this was awesome’, ‘it was great to hear what’s on your mind’, ‘thanks for sending’. It led to one new helpful introduction for a partnership opportunity, & another side discussion with a few other team members, We wouldn’t have connected these dots in this way, at this time, if I never sent the email around.

It was a useful reminder: more communication is never a bad thing.